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Wrocław, September 2023 

Poland is excited to host the next ISBA Conference in 2023 September, Wroclaw – the capital of Lower Silesia!

The International Short Breaks Conference is intended for everyone who provides, uses or requires respite/short break services and addresses issues raised by policy makers, statutory and voluntary and researchers.

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The largest and powerful healthcare and social care event. Join us!

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ISBA 2023 Wroclaw

This ISBA 2023 Wroclaw is intended for everyone who provides, uses, or needs respite/short break services.  It is also for policy makers and program administrators who want to understand or better support the respite/short break needs of family caregivers, and individuals who receive respite care across all ages. 

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Key topics

Learn about key topics to be discussed at workshops and plenary sessions. Check the list of thematic panel discussions. Learn about the latest trends in healthcare and social care systems. Participants will have the opportunity to meet key international experts in the areas of health and social care and get in touch with people who may drive their future projects.

conference Programme
Discover Wroclaw

Wroclaw – Lower Silesia lies in its extraordinary rich nature spots, historical sites, architecture, and vibrant streets. Known for its openness, tolerance, and friendliness, it attracts tourists and new residents from all over Poland, but also from abroad. Find out more about this beautiful city!

Discover Wrocław
How to register

The conference registration will open February 2023. You will be able to register online via registration form available on this website. The versatile program will include inspiring keynote speakers, presentations, practical and theoretical workshops and social events including: the Opening Ceremony, Gala Dinner, tourist and cultural events during the evenings. 

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Workshop leaders

Do you wish to share your knowledge and experience? We invite you to join us and take part in this extraordinary event! Our presenters are experts with a real passion for what they do! Professionals, practitioners with long-term experience in medicine, therapy, healthcare and social work, businesses and leaders with direct impact on the quality of life of both families and persons with disabilities. Become part of our event!

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Become our partner for this event. Present your vision and your achievements. Share your knowledge and experience, while building your image as a patron of change and pioneering solutions. Together let us shape your brand as one that is socially committed to introducing novel solutions, research outcomes and standards in Poland.

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Why attend ISBA 2023 Wroclaw

Gain knowledge and understanding – improve your skills!
Be inspired!

Why you should take part in this event

  • to develop experience and exchange knowledge on best practices to ensure better lifelong outcomes for people with disabilities and their families.
  • to promote innovative and pioneering solutions from around the world, setting an example to follow in programming social services for families.
  • to build relationships with professionals who are open to collaboration and to sharing their potential.
  • to increase access to expert knowledge, building a diverse range of respite services driven by international experience.

Learn about Key Speakers at ISBA 2023

Key Speakers at ISBA 2023 are experts who are passionate about what they do in their specific domains, members of the international community. World renowned specialists, inspiring speakers with exceptional knowledge of healthcare and social work as well as challenges faced by persons with special needs and their environment.
Our Speakers

Become a Partner

Become our partner for this event. Present your vision and your achievements. Share your knowledge and experience, while building your image as a patron of change and pioneering solutions. Together let us shape your brand as one that is socially committed to introducing novel solutions, research outcomes and standards in Poland.

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Snapshots from previous editions

Conference venue

Learn about Wroclaw

Learn about Wrocław – one of the most magnificent and most visited cities in Poland! Located in the south-western part of the country, this metropole emerged more than one thousand years ago and offers a unique combination of traditional and modern vibes. It is a bustling city, day and night, but you will also find places to relax in nature. It will surely surprise you: the city has more than one hundred bridges and is …..a dwarves’ capital! It is indeed no surprise that each year millions of people come to visit Wrocław, to stroll its streets and alleys and discover its secrets. Come and immerse yourself in Wrocław!

Learn about Wroclaw


logo imago foundation
Imago Foundation
The Imago Foundation (Fundacja Imago) is one of national leaders of personal assistant services and respite services. We implement six national programmes of such services in two different regions, covering c. 450 people each year. As an organization, we also ensure national and international networking and collaboration.
Learn more about imago foundation
logo Bonitum
Środowiskowy Dom Samopomocy Bonitum
Bontium is a Wrocław-based Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Since 2018, the association has been running the BONITUM Centre for People with Special Needs, catering for 30 users and their families on a daily basis.
Learn more about bonitum
logo potrafię pomóc foundation
Fundacja “Potrafię Pomóc”
The Foundation „Potrafię Pomóc” (I Can Help) focuses on Children with Disabilities with congenital disorders. The foundation supports whole families: children, young people, adults with disabilities and rare or ultra-rare diseases
Learn more about potrafie pomóc foundation


Conference organizer

Imago Foundation
Address: Fundacja Imago,
ul. Hallera 123, 53-201 Wroclaw

Conference Management

Piotr Kuźniak
E-mail: isba.shortbreak@gmail.com
Call: +48 691 270 754

Magdalena Stempska
Email: isba2023@fundacjaimago.pl
Call: +48 665 552 887

Martyna Rangno
Email: isba2023@fundacjaimago.pl
Call: +48 509 771 751

About ISBA
Legal information
Conference rules

ISBA Conference 2023 rules

Contact us

Email: isba.shortbreak@gmail.com
Call: +48 691 270 754

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