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Conference Partners

Our Conference Partners

logo granbohus
logo SafeGuards trauma informed training
logo Latika Roy Foundation A better world for children with disabilities
logo Arch National Respite Network And Resource Center
logo Marquette University be the difference
logo EASPD european association of service providers for persons with disabilities
logo Wesway Respite... Core your way
logo European Network of Innowation for Inclusion
logo Deutsches Rotes Kreuz DRK - inkluzivo wolfenbutten gGmbH
logo FRS
logo Contact For Families with disabled children
logo NHSN national home sharing & short-break networks
logo Interchange illawarra
logo SharedCare scotland
logo Grath accompagner les aidants
logo Stowarzyszenie architektów Polskich
logo City of Reykjavik
logo VR Sport
logo Federaciocatalana Dautisme
logo Ładne historie
logo VR Sport
logo Federaciocatalana Dautisme
logo Ładne historie
logo Ładne historie
logo VR Sport

Our Honorary Patrons

logo Lower Silesia - Dolny Śląsk

Become a Partner

Why you should take part in this event

1. Vision and perspective

Show that your business is forward-looking, guided by a long-term perspective, strategically planning your activities within the context of expert knowledge.

2. Knowledge and ideas

Reinforce your position as a patron and a visionary of change, using pioneering solutions, a modern, future-oriented company with specific knowledge, which it is willing to share.

3. Corporate social responsibility

Become our event partner as an innovative business, enhancing collaboration, global outreach and relationships – a business that implements novel experience, research and standards.  

4. Sustainable development

Let us create the future of social care system together – setting the course for change, having a tangible impact on the system’s cohesion both locally and globally. Your participation will translate into a real influence on the development of respite services and care and support for people with disabilities.


Conference organizer

Imago Foundation
Address: Fundacja Imago,
ul. Hallera 123, 53-201 Wroclaw

Conference Management

Piotr Kuźniak
E-mail: isba.shortbreak@gmail.com
Call: +48 691 270 754

Magdalena Stempska
Email: isba2023@fundacjaimago.pl
Call: +48 665 552 887

Magda Kowalska
Email: isba2023@fundacjaimago.pl
Call: +48 690 504 673

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Email: isba.shortbreak@gmail.com
Call: +48 691 270 754

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