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Technical information

Technical information

The conference will offer 45-minute time slots for oral presentations (including time for questionsand polish – english consecutive translation). Please think of creative ways to inform, engage, and energize the workshop audience. Presenters are welcomed and encouraged to develop interactive sessions that engage participants in discussion, networking, and an open exchange of ideas. You are encouraged to develop a proposal alone or with one or two other speakers on a related topic. The conference review committee retains the right to combine presentations with others under similar topics. Presenters will be notified in advance if this occurs. We will provide you with a workshop host and technical support. The host will introduce the presenters and manage time.

Each presenter will receive a 50 % discount off the total registration cost and will be granted a free entrance ticket to all conference social activities. An approved presenter’s registration must be completed and paid for by March 15, 2023 for the presenter’s session to be included in the conference.

Workshop topics

Technology and software in care services

  • Inclusive tourism, activity- and adventure-based support
  • Community based support programs
  • Center-based services and day care services
  • Respite innovations
  • Immigrants support

Each presenter should choose one topic to demonstrate. Presentations should demonstrate and/or discuss the potential for developing new opportunities. We would be particularly interested in contributions which demonstrate the following principles and ideas in practice: Inclusion, coproduction, collaboration, building and developing social capital, community development, widening opportunities, prevention and choice.

What makes a great workshop?

  • Contributors that have a knowledge and passion for their project,
  • Good storytelling to illustrate the impact of their work or experience,
  • Contributors that help audience to make connections – can provoke questions, thinking, conversations,
  • Right balance of listening and talking for the audience – time for questions – not too many messages,
  • Clear summary and link to further information, ideally on a handout,
  • Clearly presented on at the right pace (working the available time carefully, not being too ambitious).


Conference organizer

Imago Foundation
Address: Fundacja Imago,
ul. Hallera 123, 53-201 Wroclaw

Conference Management

Piotr Kuźniak
E-mail: isba.shortbreak@gmail.com
Call: +48 691 270 754

Magdalena Stempska
Email: isba2023@fundacjaimago.pl
Call: +48 665 552 887

Magda Mielczarek
+48 516 718 109

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Email: isba.shortbreak@gmail.com
Call: +48 691 270 754

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