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Maciej Nastaga

Fundraising Director, Potrafię Pomóc Foundation, Poland

About Prelegent

Maciej Nastaga has 25 years of business experience - he used to work in the ventilation systems sales sector, holding managerial positions in international companies. Throughout his career, he was also involved in charity work. In 2011, he joined the team of volunteers at the Wrocław-based “Potrafię Pomóc” („I Can Help”) Foundation, supporting persons with disabilities. In 2021 Maciej decided to move from the business to the NGO sector, wishing to devote fully to helping other people. He is now able to use his business experience to raise funds for good causes, as the person responsible for fundraising activities at the foundation. Following the invasion on Ukraine, Maciej has been involved in providing support to the war victims. He has participated in 4 humanitarian missions co-organized by the „Potrafię Pomóc” foundation, delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine, directly to those who found themselves in dire need, often reaching places which have just been left by the withdrawing Russian forces and near the front-line, such as Chernobyl, Kyiv or Zaporozhye.


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