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Developing your network – how to create nice stories together

Publication Date: May 29, 2023
Post thumbnail - Developing your network – how to create nice stories together

This conference will be something special, and not only due to the speakers and workshop facilitators, who will be sharing their unique expertise - it will also be the time to meet and talk. How will be break the ice? We invite you to a read conversation with Maria Zięba and Krzysztof Bielaszka, who run the Ładne Historie (Nice Stories) Foundation and who will facilitate networking during  our conference. 

The conference will begin with the movie screening of Sonata, which will provide the first opportunity to spark conversations among conference participants. Is networking important during such events?

Maria Zięba:  Networking - which is a part of the conference agenda that creates a space to foster new contacts and meet new people active in our field - is a vital aspect of such events, ensuring participants can reap their long-term benefits. Naturally, conferences and seminars are, first and foremost, an opportunity to develop our competences, get inspired and learn new skills, but we know from experience that they also address our need to meet new people in a less formal atmosphere. 

Krzysztof Bielaszka: Networking involves not only building and expanding professional collaboration networks, but is also a great opportunity to share experience and our practices, to talk about key topics, and to meet other professionals in our area, people who are involved not only in similar activities, but who might also share our ways of thinking about projects and the various needs of our project participants.

Do you have your own, secret ways to animate conference participants’ communities?

Maria Zięba: Based on our experience so far, we know that a recipe for successful networking is quite simple – when we develop the agenda, we start with opportunities to get to know the participants (their professional profile, working methods, the projects they have completed). We then create a space for them to „break the ice” in an informal (and creative) atmosphere. After that we just ensure that each day during the conference the participants have the time to talk to each other.

Krzysztof Bielaszka: The vital part? We put no pressure and just focus on ensuring that each conference participants can feel at ease and be inspired to continue their work.

You represent Ładne Historie (Nice Stories) Foundation. Can you tell us more about that name?

Maria Zięba: We are involved not only in project work, but mostly in telling the stories of extraordinary people who have created a lively and dedicated community around our foundation.

Krzysztof Bielaszka: Yes, these are stories of people, but also of places – cities, neighbourhoods or regions, sometimes even individual buildings. Stories we hear from our neighbours or people we meet on mountain trails.   

Maria Zięba: For us, each of these stories is equally valuable and each inspires us to work together.

Will the upcoming conference be such a nice story?

Krzysztof Bielaszka: This year’s edition of the International Short Break Association (ISBA) conference will definitely be filled with many precious stories that we will hear from our experts and from each other, during our daily activities.

Maria Zięba: Most definitely! I am convinced that the venue, Concordia Design in Wrocław, will be full of people who see respite care as a space for innovation, exploration of new and alternative solutions, but also a space for shared experiences, emotions and touching moments. We simply cannot wait to see you all there!

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