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International Short Break Association (ISBA)

The International Short Break Association (ISBA) is a worldwide initiative made up of agencies and organisations providing health care and respite services for families concerned with disabilities.  Their work is inclusive and responsive to their clients needs.

ISBA exists to provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience of Short Break Care, across national and cultural boundaries. We want to create professional and physical tools with the aim of securing the home life of families and ensuring the integrity of the family unit.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives:

  1.  To organise a biennial conference that contributes to a common understanding of the development of good short break/respite care for the disabled and their families. The next is in person in September 2023.
  2.  ISBA develops a platform for the exchange of knowledge, courses of action and working practices within short break care/respite, across care provider lines.
  3. To provide a chance to learn, to talk with people from around the globe and hear about best practices in supporting families who are caring for individuals with disabilities or on-going disabling conditions or impairments.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The ISBA Conference is intended to foster the exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives, providing participants with an opportunity to present their lived experiences, best practices, and research findings, establish/renew collaborations, and learn, teach, and network with an international community of individuals interested in short breaks/respite care. ISBA is committed to creating a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment to all participants, including staff and vendors. Discrimination on the basis of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, national origin, or ethnicity will not be tolerated. Participants are expected to adhere to these principles and respect the rights of others. Participants should report any behavior inconsistent with the principles outlined here to

The terms ‘Short Break’ and ‘Respite Care’ are interchangeable and their use reflects how different countries around the world refer to the breaks from the caring routine that people need to have a life outside of that routine.


Organizator konferencji
Kierownictwo konferencji

Piotr Kuźniak
Telefon: +48 555 555 555
Adres:  Wrocław, ul. Jakaś 33/33

Magdalena Stempska
Call: +48 665 552 887

Martyna Rangno
Call: +48 509 771 751

Informacje prawne

Telefon: +48 555 555 555
Adres:  Wrocław, ul. Jakaś 33/33

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