A moving event at the beginning of the conference

A talented boy, whose parents have been struggling to support him, find the joy of
fulfilment. A perfect recipe for both an award-wining movie and for a moving evening
screening to start our conference. If you plan to attend the conference but are still
considering if you should be there on September 11, please feel invited to both the
screening and the meeting with the filmmakers

The main protagonist of the movie Sonata is Grzegorz Płonka. At the age of 14, he
was diagnosed with hearing impairment. Previously, it was assumed that the boy had
autism, but the breakthrough diagnosis changed his life. It gave him new dreams and their
fulfilment in playing the piano. Come and discover the story about the daily struggle of the
protagonist and his family, as they discover the truth and develop his talent.
The film has won many awards - including the Audience Award and Special Award at
the OFF Camera Festival, Złote Lwy (Golden Lions Award), and Orły (the Eagles Award).
The screening of Sonata will open this year's ISBA Conference. I will be held on
September 11 at the Lower Silesian Film Centre (DCF), which is a Conference Partner.

Join us at the meeting with authors of the book "People Who Care"

Please join us at the meeting with the authors of the book People Who Care (Personas que cuidan), published by the Chilean Foundation for Disability in 2022. The team – Matias Poblete Sandoval, Catalina González Maldonado and María José Salazar Soto  – will share their experience. The meeting will be led by Aleksandra Matyja and will focus on creating specific type of services and on the situation of people with disabilities and their families in Chile. 

The event is part of the Polish Network of Respite Tourism networking activities and will accompany this year’s International Short Break Association (ISBA) conference, held between September 11 – 14 in Wrocław, the capital of the Lower Silesia in Poland. 

The meeting with representatives of the Chilean Foundation for Disability is addressed to all people active in the area of respite services – both within official institutions and NGOs. During the meeting, we will discuss good practices related to establishment of this type of services, as well as good practices and solutions that are effective in the daily work within the respite services sector.  

lmportant information:

The meeting will be held on the 11th of September at 2 p.m – 3.30 p.m in Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe (Lower Silesian Film Center, address: Wrocław, Piłsudskiego 64A). The meeting is open to all public and no registration is required. The meeting will be held in Spanish, with consecutive interpretation into Polish provided. The meeting will also be interpreted into Polish Sign Language.

Participation in the event is deemed to signify acceptance of the Terms and Conditions available both at the venue and online by clicking this link: [LINK].

The meeting is held within the framework of the task "Polish Network of Respite Tourism - networking meeting". The task is financed from the funds of the Marshal's Office of the Lower Silesia Region.

The event will be hosted by the institutional partner, the Lower Silesian Film Center - one of the cultural institutions of the Local Government of the Lower Silesia Region.


Although the nearby open-air bathing sites close in September, the beach bars along the Oder embankment are still open. There, you can enjoy refreshing drinks, chill-out with music, see live performances, and benefit from workshops and other attractions prepared by the bar staff. 

Or would you prefer to swim or relax in an open-air jacuzzi? Or perhaps you wish to take part in a sauna ceremony? If so, visit the Aquapark in Wrocław (www.aquapark.wroc.pl). It is one of the largest swimming pool complexes in Europe and is famous for its tropical ambience and a plethora of attractions.

There are slides for adults and children, rafting slides, a river, waves and a pirate ship. You can also enjoy sauna sessions, relax in the salt water and bubble bath, use the sports pool and have lunch. The pools and saunas are located both inside and in open air. Aquapark also offers special events or fitness classes.

If you accidentally forget your swimming gear or just do not feel like swimming, we encourage you to take a dip in nature (www.zoo.wroclaw.pl). Our Wrocław Zoological Garden is one of the largest in Europe and a home to a great number of animal species. Some of them are quite unique. A stroll on the ZOO grounds can take many hours. Its winding alleys will lead you to many surprising discoveries: there are special shows, camel rides, animal feeding sessions, special pavilions dedicated to nocturnal animals, deep-sea animals, butterflies, great reptiles and more....

You can also stop for lunch or a snack, there is a playground and a space where you can pet farm animals and relax surrounded by nature. The ZOO's biggest attraction is the "Afrykarium", a complex including pools and aquariums inhabited by African and tropical zone animals and an underwater tunnel which allows visitors to come eye to eye with marine predators.

Before you book your accommodation for the ISBA conference, please consider if you can extend your stay in Wrocław to explore the local attractions and our city.

Registration for conference - lates news!

We would like to inform you that due to the great interest, the organizing committee of the International Short Break Association ISBA 2023 conference has decided to put the registration on hold due to limited conference space.

We are happy to announce that we have received applications from almost 250 people from all over the world! Therefore, we are temporarily suspending registration. Thank you for joining the next ISBA 2023 conference - together we will Build Better Breaks!

The registration is still available for workshop presenters, speakers and panellists.
Registration form for Speakers/Panellists and Workshop Presenters

Are you interested in participating in the event, but you did’t manage to register? Follow our news on social media! After verification of applications in mid-June, we will you inform about the reopening of the registration.
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Developing your network – how to create nice stories together

This conference will be something special, and not only due to the speakers and workshop facilitators, who will be sharing their unique expertise - it will also be the time to meet and talk. How will be break the ice? We invite you to a read conversation with Maria Zięba and Krzysztof Bielaszka, who run the Ładne Historie (Nice Stories) Foundation and who will facilitate networking during  our conference. 

The conference will begin with the movie screening of Sonata, which will provide the first opportunity to spark conversations among conference participants. Is networking important during such events?

Maria Zięba:  Networking - which is a part of the conference agenda that creates a space to foster new contacts and meet new people active in our field - is a vital aspect of such events, ensuring participants can reap their long-term benefits. Naturally, conferences and seminars are, first and foremost, an opportunity to develop our competences, get inspired and learn new skills, but we know from experience that they also address our need to meet new people in a less formal atmosphere. 

Krzysztof Bielaszka: Networking involves not only building and expanding professional collaboration networks, but is also a great opportunity to share experience and our practices, to talk about key topics, and to meet other professionals in our area, people who are involved not only in similar activities, but who might also share our ways of thinking about projects and the various needs of our project participants.

Do you have your own, secret ways to animate conference participants’ communities?

Maria Zięba: Based on our experience so far, we know that a recipe for successful networking is quite simple – when we develop the agenda, we start with opportunities to get to know the participants (their professional profile, working methods, the projects they have completed). We then create a space for them to „break the ice” in an informal (and creative) atmosphere. After that we just ensure that each day during the conference the participants have the time to talk to each other.

Krzysztof Bielaszka: The vital part? We put no pressure and just focus on ensuring that each conference participants can feel at ease and be inspired to continue their work.

You represent Ładne Historie (Nice Stories) Foundation. Can you tell us more about that name?

Maria Zięba: We are involved not only in project work, but mostly in telling the stories of extraordinary people who have created a lively and dedicated community around our foundation.

Krzysztof Bielaszka: Yes, these are stories of people, but also of places – cities, neighbourhoods or regions, sometimes even individual buildings. Stories we hear from our neighbours or people we meet on mountain trails.   

Maria Zięba: For us, each of these stories is equally valuable and each inspires us to work together.

Will the upcoming conference be such a nice story?

Krzysztof Bielaszka: This year’s edition of the International Short Break Association (ISBA) conference will definitely be filled with many precious stories that we will hear from our experts and from each other, during our daily activities.

Maria Zięba: Most definitely! I am convinced that the venue, Concordia Design in Wrocław, will be full of people who see respite care as a space for innovation, exploration of new and alternative solutions, but also a space for shared experiences, emotions and touching moments. We simply cannot wait to see you all there!


Preparations for this day began several months ago. The first meeting was full of excitement and joy that now we will be able to organize the ISBA conference in Wroclaw. Needless to say, there was fear at that time. But it's such an anxiety that gives wings and is familiar to even the greatest artists...

Then there were talks and searches. Topics of conversation, partners, authorities. All this to make this year's edition of the conference well remembered. It was worth it… Already in March we compiled a list of people and organizations that will conduct workshops at our conference. We wrote about it on our website and in the newsletter. However, we love to build tension - that's why we will announce the detailed program of the conference just in a moment. What you can already do is to get acquainted with our conference key note speakers.

Nevertheless the day is coming, the day that should be marked on your calendar. The  day on which we will open registration for our conference i.e. May 8, 2023!

Then you will also be able to see in detail how the 8 plenary sessions, 36 workshops, discussion panels and networking panels will be arranged. And there's no denying it - it's also the best time to book your place at the ISBA conference. Because it's worth it and the number of places for Conference participants is limited...

We already have this date marked on our calendars. And how about you? Better do it now.

ISBA CONFERENCE: a database of nearby accommodation accessible to people with special needs 

As we received numerous enquiries, we have compiled a list of available hotels that are accessible to people with special needs and are located near Concordia Design, the venue for the ISBA conference. Of course, if you have no special needs, feel free to use the standard accommodation offer. We have checked the hotels on our list and know they are comfortable. The staff speak several languages and there are catering facilities on site.

If you plan to stay in Wrocław for longer than just the duration of our conference, we encourage you to browse the attractions we listed. Please pack comfortable shoes, in case you wish to visit the ZOO, or swimming gear, if you plan to visit the Aquapark. Please check out other sections on our website to see what else might be of interest to you during your stay in Wrocław. 

Hotel Haston Old Town – 700 m
address: pl. Nankiera 1
www: https://hastonoldtown.pl/

Hotel The Bridge Wrocław MGallery - 750 m
address: pl. Katedralny 8
www: https://europeum.pl

Great Polonia Wrocław Tumski – 120 m
address: Wyspa Słodowa 10
www: https://wroclawtumski.greatpolonia.pl

Hotel Park Plaza – 450 m
address: ul. Bolesława Drobnera 11-13
www: https://hotelepark.pl/wroclaw