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O konferencji

ISBA 2023 Poland

The International Short Breaks Conference is intended for everyone who provides, uses or requires respite/short break services and addresses issues raised by policy makers, statutory and voluntary and researchers. The Conference’s main aim  is to better understand the requirements and supports requested by individuals, families, caregivers and significant others. The Conference creates an opportunity to explore the development of new and innovative ways of delivering adequate personalised respite/short breaks when required.

Building Better Breaks Together: Our conference theme is inspired by people around the globe who provide the support their community needs, the way they need it.

This conference will provide a space to advance knowledge and understanding of respite by learning from each other, making new links and sharing evidence-based practices.

Why you should take part in this event

  • to develop experience and exchange knowledge on best practices to ensure better lifelong outcomes for people with disabilities and their families,
  • to promote innovative and pioneering solutions from around the world, setting an example to follow in programming social services for families,
  • to build relationships with professionals who are open to collaboration and to sharing their potential,
  • to increase access to expert knowledge, building a diverse range of respite services driven by international experience.

Useful Conference Information

How to register

Please save the date!

The conference registration will open February 2023. You will be able to register online via registration form available on this website.

The versatile program will include inspiring keynote speakers, presentations, practical and theoretical workshops and social events including: the Opening Ceremony, Gala Dinner, tourist and cultural events during the evenings. While registering you will be able to choose the evening events you would like to take part in.

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Time and venue

Wroclaw – the Meeting Place

The 13th ISBA conference will be held in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. The city motto is “Wroclaw – the Meeting Place” so we invite you to meet together in Wroclaw. The conference will last for 3 days starting on Tuesday, September 12th 2023 and finishing on Thursday,  September 14th 2023. We will be expecting your arrival on Monday,  September 11th 2023. The conference itself will be inaugurated with the opening ceremony on Monday evening.


Contact us

Any questions, please write to us!

Conference Management

Piotr Kuźniak
+48 691 270 754

Magdalena Stempska
+48 665 552 887

Martyna Rangno
+48 509 771 751

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About ISBA

The International Short Break Association (ISBA) is a worldwide initiative made up of  agencies and organisations providing health care and respite services for families concerned with disabilities.  Their work is inclusive and responsive to their clients needs. ISBA exists to provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience of Short Break Care, across national and cultural boundaries. We want to create professional and physical tools with the aim of securing the home life of families and ensuring the integrity of the family unit.

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Conference Management

Imago Foundation
My own experience proves that attending the ISBA conference is a unique opportunity to become part of a global community of people who dare to chart new paths while offering their resources, advice and care for others. I attended my first ISBA conference in 2014 and now, just 9 years later, the 2023 event is being held here in Poland.

At the ISBA conference we are Building Better Breaks Together (and having a lot of fun at the same time)!

On behalf of The ISBA Committee
Piotr Kuzniak|
The President of ISBA 2021-2023

Program konferencji


Organizator konferencji
Kierownictwo konferencji

Piotr Kuźniak
Telefon: +48 555 555 555
Adres:  Wrocław, ul. Jakaś 33/33

Magdalena Stempska
Call: +48 665 552 887

Martyna Rangno
Call: +48 509 771 751

Informacje prawne

Telefon: +48 555 555 555
Adres:  Wrocław, ul. Jakaś 33/33

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